External Laboratory

External Laboratory: A multitude of tests are offered by the laboratories Biovet and Idexx.

  • Hematology (coagulation tests: PT / PTT, platelets, von Willebrand factor, feline haemobartonellosis, blood typing, etc.)
  • Biochemistry (bile acids, cobalamin and folate, DGGR lipase (pancreas), TLI, etc.)
  • Serology / immunology / virology (antibody test for rabies, lyme disease, leptospirosis, brucellosis, toxoplasmosis, etc.)
  • Various PCR (ringworm, digestive, respiratory, etc.)
  • Culture and antibiogram (urine, stool, etc.)
  • Endocrinology: Cortisol, parathyroid hormone and ionized calcium, progesterone, aldosterone, relaxin, testosterone, T4 and TSH, etc.)
  • Blood dosage of drug: phenobarbital, potassium bromide, levetiracetam, etc.)
  • Pathology / Cytology / histology