Saying goodbye to a loyal companion is never easy. The Bedford Veterinary Clinic team will do everything it can to provide a peaceful, compassionate environment where you can be with your pet during their final moments. 

What happens during euthanasia? 

The procedure consists mainly of two injections. The first injection administered under the skin contains a sedative to relax your pet and reduce their discomfort. You’ll have a few moments with them before the second injection, which contains a powerful sedative that puts your pet to sleep and stops their heart gently and painlessly. The entire procedure takes just a few minutes.

Can I stay with my pet while they’re being euthanized? 

It’s completely up to you. You certainly can if you’d like, but you don’t have to. It can be comforting to your pet to have someone with them, but if you decide not to, we’ll have a team member stay with your pet until the very end.